Bridlington Sea Front

Bridlington Sea Front, Bridlington

Location of the near-death of Sebastien Hoyer-Wood, following his attempted rape of his latest victim in a house by the seafront.


“Half-undone, almost broken, he raises his head and looks back at the grisly path his feet have punched in the snow. Miniature ink-bombs of blue-black blood, scattered haphazardly among ragged craters.”SORROW BOUND

Features in:
Sorrow Bound:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Philippa Longman is a 53-year-old grandmother at the centre of a loving family, who want nothing more than to get home from work before the storm breaks.

Roisin McAvoy is a young mother whose heart is as golden as the jewellery around her neck – a woman who is as fiercely protective of her closest friends as she is loyal to her husband.

DS Aector McAvoy is a man consumed with the well-being of others: whether it’s shielding his family from the world, or protecting Hull’s citizens amid an epidemic of violent crime.

But deep-seated grudges are greater than goodwill, and soon all three of these gentle souls will learn a common lesson – that bad things happen to good people.

‘In terms of food analogies, some books are bland or subtly flavoured, while others are like a fiery curry. David Mark’s DS McAvoy books are unarguably in the latter category.’