The Green Bricks Pub

The Green Bricks Pub, Hull

The meeting place of McAvoy and Ed Cocker.

The Green Bricks dates back to 1806 and has undergone several name changes but has always been known for its elaborate frontage. Today it enjoys incredible views over the marina and the Fruit Market and is in a prime redevelopment location.


“The man, whose business cards declare him a ‘political consultant’, is as tall as McAvoy, but only half the size . . . He is perhaps thirty five years old, and if he is earning a good living, he is not spending the proceeds on his appearance.”ORIGINAL SKIN

Features in:
Original Skin: A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Life is never quiet with Simon Appleyard and Suzie Devlin around. Fun-loving friends – their body markings as colourful as their sexuality – the pair’s lust for life is matched only by their hunger for taboo pleasures. And life is currently anything but quiet for DS Aector McAvoy. A recent explosion in violent drug-related crime in and around Hull has seen his workload drastically increase.

But a guilty secret – born of sex, politics and the criminal underworld – has given rise to a fresh evil; one that will soon stain each of these lives, linking their fates as painfully and intricately as tattooed markings on virgin skin.

‘Compelling . . . Richly satisfying and told with remarkable flair . . . confirms Mark as one of the darkest of the new faces in British crime writing, and not one to miss.’