Hessle Foreshore

Hessle Foreshore, Hull

Home of Aector McAvoy and his family. The waterfront property that Roisin has been dreaming of.

This attractive area is shadowed at the rear by the sprawling Country Park and stares out at the River Humber and the colossal bridge overhead. It is a picturesque spot where ramblers can walk from the pleasant residential area along the waterfront to nearby North Ferriby. It is a sought-after residential location, despite occasional flooding problems.


“We’re living out of boxes at the moment but we should exchange contracts next week. Aector’s taking care of all that. Lovely house though, down by the foreshore, under the bridge. Old cottages, done up a treat, so they are.”SORROW BOUND

Features in:
Sorrow Bound:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Philippa Longman is a 53-year-old grandmother at the centre of a loving family, who want nothing more than to get home from work before the storm breaks.

Roisin McAvoy is a young mother whose heart is as golden as the jewellery around her neck – a woman who is as fiercely protective of her closest friends as she is loyal to her husband.

DS Aector McAvoy is a man consumed with the well-being of others: whether it’s shielding his family from the world, or protecting Hull’s citizens amid an epidemic of violent crime.

But deep-seated grudges are greater than goodwill, and soon all three of these gentle souls will learn a common lesson – that bad things happen to good people.

‘In terms of food analogies, some books are bland or subtly flavoured, while others are like a fiery curry. David Mark’s DS McAvoy books are unarguably in the latter category.’