Lounge Café Bar

Lounge Café Bar, Hull

This is the meeting place of McAvoy and Vicki Mountford, teacher of victim Daphne Cotton.


“He spots her as soon as he pushes open the glass doors of the trendy pub and steps into the warm blue-black light.”DARK WINTER

Features in:
Dark Winter:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Hull, East Yorkshire. Two weeks before Christmas an elderly man – the only survivor of a fishing trawler tragedy 40 years before – is found murdered at sea.

In a church, a young girl who is the last surviving member of a family slaughtered during the conflict in Sierra Leone, is hacked to death with a machete.

Someone is killing sole survivors in the manner they had escaped death. And it falls to Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy of Humberside CID to find out who.

‘An exceptional debut from an exciting new talent. David Mark is an original and captivating new voice.’