Oberon House

Oberon House, Hull

Home of DC Ben Neilsen, and the location of the sting operation with Hull prostitute Ronnie.


“Some street workers develop a hardness that keeps everybody else at a distance, while others are desperate for affection and fall in love with anybody who shows them kindness. Their hearts never toughen. Pharaoh can see at once what kind of person Ronnie is.”A BAD DEATH

Features in:
A Bad Death:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Will Blaylock died while on day release from prison.

It was a bad death. But accidents will happen.

Detective Sergeant McAvoy isn't convinced, though. And he owes a debt to Will's cellmate Owen Swainson: a debt formed in blood and fear when they came together to catch a killer.

But their search for a murderer will rip open old wounds, and force old enemies out of hiding . . .