St Ethelburga’s Church

St Ethelburga's Church, Great Givendale

A small parish church in the remote countryside of Great Givendale. Close to the site of Hannah Kelly’s murder, and the scene of McAvoy’s obsessive searches for her.


“He feels her. Feels Hannah. Feels the missing girl. Reaching upwards, through the bones and the splinters and the deep dark earth. Feels her fingers grabbing at his trouser legs. Feels suddenly cold in his chest and hot in his belly.”DEAD PRETTY

Features in:


Hannah Kelly has been missing for nine months.

Ava Delaney has been dead for five days.

DS Aector McAvoy won’t let either of them go until justice can be done. But some people have their own ideas of what justice means . . .

Dead Pretty takes readers deep into a crime investigation, as McAvoy struggles with a case that’s leading nowhere, and the thorny issues of what right and wrong means when it comes to taking lives and saving them.

‘Breathtaking. Mark writes badness beautifully.’