St Germain C of E Church

St Germain C of E Church, Patrington

Scene of the massacre of the Winn family, for which local simpleton Peter Cole is blamed and incarcerated for decades.


“Steam rises like a freed soul from the holes in the back of the corpse’s head. Glass raises a hand to his mouth and fumbles with the torch. It drops to the ground, and rolls, gently, down a slope of wet grass. Its beam exposes the second body. This one is female. Young. Shapely. Half dressed, and with her blouse ripped open and bra pushed up.”TAKING PITY

Features in:
Taking Pity:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


They have taken DS Aector McAvoy’s family.

They have taken DCI Colin Ray’s foundation.

They have taken DS Trish Pharaoh’s fight.

Now the ruthless criminal network that has tightened its stranglehold on Hull intends to take everything that remains from those who dare to stand in its way.

Taking Pity is a police procedural thriller that pulls no punches. It is the story of three officers who can take no more, and a merciless nemesis that takes no chances, no prisoners and no pity.

‘Excellent . . . Mark weaves a complicated web of deception, betrayal, and violence as the action builds to a stunning conclusion.’