The Lodge

The Lodge, Hull

Temporary accommodation for Aector and Fin McAvoy after the destruction of their Hessle Foreshore home.


“Summer has come and gone. The leaves have turned and begun to fall. Black clouds hang heavy over a city the rain never seems to wash clean. On a grey, miserable autumn night, the car park is home to only a dozen cars and most of them belong to the staff.”TAKING PITY

Features in:
Taking Pity:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


They have taken DS Aector McAvoy’s family.

They have taken DCI Colin Ray’s foundation.

They have taken DS Trish Pharaoh’s fight.

Now the ruthless criminal network that has tightened its stranglehold on Hull intends to take everything that remains from those who dare to stand in its way.

Taking Pity is a police procedural thriller that pulls no punches. It is the story of three officers who can take no more, and a merciless nemesis that takes no chances, no prisoners and no pity.

‘Excellent . . . Mark weaves a complicated web of deception, betrayal, and violence as the action builds to a stunning conclusion.’