Victoria Dock

Victoria Dock, Hull

Location of the raid on the illegal video streaming site.


“They fill the screen like playing cards. Young, old, white, black, fat, thin. Each are in states of undress, and each has paid a premium to log on to this live streaming site and offer the perverts in the room suggestions on what to do.”A BAD DEATH

Features in:
A Bad Death:  A DS McAvoy novel by David Mark


Will Blaylock died while on day release from prison.

It was a bad death. But accidents will happen.

Detective Sergeant McAvoy isn't convinced, though. And he owes a debt to Will's cellmate Owen Swainson: a debt formed in blood and fear when they came together to catch a killer.

But their search for a murderer will rip open old wounds, and force old enemies out of hiding . . .